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Exciting Scottish Spirit Part 1: Potato Vodka

We are genuinely excited about some of the spirit that is being released currently from small distillers all over Scotland. In the past, some of these small distillers may have struggled to carve a market for themselves but with brands like Botanist and Chase leading the way, there seems to be more of a chance that small batch, full flavoured spirit at a higher price point will succeed.

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Gin: the last, current and next big thing

Juniper berriesAs more and more of our customers shy away from the bigger brands, traditional drinks like gin are changing.  A market that was dominated by a handful of big producers has started to fragment, with tiny producers suddenly becoming a huge part of gin sales. This is not to say that the big boys are of less quality (buy us a Tanqueray Tom Collins any time), but our customers are clearly telling us it is the time of the independent, slightly funky gin producer.
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