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    • Scruffy Dog Traditional Medium Dry Cider 33cl
    • Scruffy Dog Traditional Medium Dry Cider 33cl
      • £2.65
    • Scruffy Dog is a small batch Scottish cider, named after 'Ozzy', the family's own little scruff. The ciders use local apples from across the Perthshire area, once famed for it's "top fruit" orchard production, now dwindled but seeing a resurgence in independent cultivations. The medium dry cider carries a rounded aroma of soft apples and bees wax cut through with a fresh burst of springtime garden…
    • Percheron Chenin Viognier 2018 75cl deal
    • Percheron Chenin Viognier 2018 75cl
      • £7.50
    • Most of the grapes in Percheron's attractive white blend are sourced from mature 40-year Chenin Blanc bush vines tucked in hidden corners of South Africa's diverse Western Cape. Teamed with a portion of Viognier, the result is a flavoursome, floral-driven white offering an abundance of fleshy orchard fruit characters. Style: Medium-Bodied Dry White Region: South Africa, Western Cape Grape: Chenin…
    • Colonsay Giftpack 3x50cl staff favourite
    • Colonsay Giftpack 3x50cl
      • £9.75
    • The smallest island in the world with its own brewery. Their gift pack is perfect for someone wanting to try mild ales that still have plenty of flavour. Style: Blonde, IPA, 80 Location: Scotland, Island of Colonsay Ingredients: Malted Barley, Wheat, Hops Size: 150cl ABV: 3.9%-4.4%%
    • Magnum Cream Liqueur 17% 70cl free delivery
    • Magnum Cream Liqueur 17% 70cl
      • £19.95
    • This indulgent cream liqueur is a delicious blend of BenRiach single malt whisky and high quality Dutch cream. Free Delivery on all orders containing a bottle of Magnum Cream Liqueur. Please note that on orders containing non-Magnum products the delivery charge will be refunded to your card following a successful purchase. Free deliver is only available to mainland UK excluding Channel Islands, No…
    • Wild Island Distillers Cut Underwood Islay Whisky Cask Aged Gin 35cl
    • Wild Island Distillers Cut Underwood Islay Whisky Cask Aged Gin 35cl
      • £24.95
    • Underwood is the third edition of the Distiller's Cut series from Wild Island. This small batch gin has been created by maturing the Gold Medal award winning Wild Island Botanic Gin for a full 14 months in an ex-Islay whisky hogshead. It is distilled on the Isle of Colonsay itself, using local botanicals which are hand foraged on the Scottish island.
    • Achroous Gin by Electric Spirit 70cl
    • Achroous Gin by Electric Spirit 70cl
      • £34.95
    • This eye-catching bottle contains a gin so intense, spicy and delicious it could only have been made in our hometown of Edinburgh. Producers, The Electric Spirits Company, have created this adding a much needed modern twist to the gin category. Location: Scotland, Edinburgh (Leith) Botanicals: Juniper, Coriander, Orris, Liquorice, Angelica, Fennel Seed, Sichuan Peppercorns Size: 70cl ABV: 41.0%
    • Arran 10 Year Old 46% 70Cl deal
    • Arran 10 Year Old 46% 70Cl
      • £37.95
    • Arran Distillery was set up in 1996, and we have been impressed with how quickly they hit the ground running, to the point that within less than 20 years, they are producing a strong range of single malt whisky. Their 10 year old is a cracking, easy drinking, Bourbon matured single malt whisky. Location: Scotland, Islands, Arran Ingredients: Malted Barley Bottled by: Official Distillery Bottling B…
    • Glendronach 18 Year Old 46% Allardice 70Cl
    • Glendronach 18 Year Old 46% Allardice 70Cl
      • £94.95
    • Glendronach is one of those distilleries that has an absolute treasure trove of heavily sherried whisky in its warehouse. The 18 year old is named after Allardice, not after a famous West Ham manager, but after the founder of the distillery, James Allardice. A man who originally chose quite a "different" route to market in the 1820's in Edinburgh (he gave his whisky to the ladies of the night to s…

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Award-winning whisky merchant Royal Mile Whiskies opened the first Drinkmonger in Pitlochry in July 2011, offering the largest range of wine, whisky, spirits and craft ales in the Highlands. A second branch of Drinkmonger opened in Bruntsfield, Edinburgh in October 2011 with an even more extensive range of fine alcohols, quickly establishing itself as the best place in Edinburgh to buy Scottish gin, and speciality beers from around the globe. With a cracking Fine Wine room through the back, we had a place to host our thriving program of wine and spirit tastings.

This website is the on-line expression of this Drinkmonger project, and we hope to present to you a bewildering array of booze from around the world, but to guide you through it in a way that is easy to understand and without snobbery. Whether it is the ferment or distillate of grain, fruit, cactus or cane, there is always a new culture of alcohol from some corner of the world to discover.

The range and layout in our shops reflect our attitude to helping customers learn about and find the right drink. We have over 1000 wines from 100 different grape varieties, spread fairly evenly between New World and Old World. We arrange this by grape variety rather than region, as the grape is great starting place to understand flavour. You'll find New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc next to Sancerre from the Loire and the great Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre blends from the Rhone rub shoulders with Australian Shiraz, Grenache and Mataro, and Garnacha from Spain.

Our approach to spirits is the same: what is made from, how is it made, and therefore what is it likely to taste like? You may already know our Royal Mile Whiskies' staff, and their enthusiasm for this wonderful drink has taught them that it is skill and good materials that make great whisky, whether single malt from Scotland or Pot Still Whiskey from Ireland, Bourbon or Rye from America or single grain whisky from Japan. So Balvenie is next to Yamazaki. Similarly, we think the starting point for Cognac, Armagnac, Pisco and Grappa is that they are distilled grape spirits, just as Calvados is the spirit of apples, and Tequila is made from a cactus. Traditionally, alcohol retail websites began with wine and whisky, and everything else was lumped into ‘Other Spirits’. We are started Drinkmonger with a blank page and decided that this old way is wrong, and a little disrespectful to Absinthe, Cachaca, Mezcal, Pineau des Charentes and all the delightful but less famous drinks we have fallen in love with. We sincerely hope you enjoy having a look around Drinkmonger.com and find your new favourite drink