What? Ale is beer that has been made using predominantly barley, that is top fermented at a warm temperature. So, IPA for example is an Ale, but we gave it it's own sub-category, as it is heavily hopped to the point where it tastes different from the more classic, standard malty ales. This goes for Stout too. It doesn't go for Lager though. Lager goes through a rather special fermentation (bottom fermentation at cold temperature), which makes it fizzy. See, Lager is special, but it's not Ale.

Where? Everywhere. England, Germany and Belgium probably have the most famous history of making ale, but in more recent times, the US has staked a big claim to be considered ale capital of the World.

When? Ale was one of the first alcohols that humans drank. In the middle ages, it was considered to be nutritious, and safer than water. Some of the earliest deciphered human texts talk about beer, and you would bet that would be ale.

How? Pint, half pint, bottle, can, ale cocktail. We reckon a yard of ale is too much (alcohol responsibility) but some people have been known to drink a yard of ale.

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