First Chop Beers


Breaking out of the mould that limited gluten free beers to “token” brews and little variety in styles, First Chop have sprung to the forefront of gluten free options. The full range covers styles from stout to saison in great, full bodied beers. First Chop are not good “for a gluten free beer” – they hold their ground as great brews in a very busy craft beer world. We’ve chosen our favourites from their range to add to our gluten free selection. Oh, and if that isn’t enough – they’re all vegan too.

First Chop started out in Manchester in 2012 as Richard Garner’s side project to his bar and restaurant. Within a year, demand for the developing range forced him to upgrade from the borrowed 400L microbrew kit to a purpose built brewery in Salford. They hit a tragic halt in October when the brewery was destroyed in a fire, but have returned with a vengeance in 2017 with a rebuild and a further expansion. They are leading the way for wider options in gluten free craft beer, offering a great choice to gluten intolerant and vegan craft beer lovers.

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