What? Cider is fermented apple juice. Since yeast particularly likes sugar, and when it eats sugar, it produces alcohol, you can imagine since the first point in history England has had apple trees, they have been making cider. Many countries in the World make cider, but England is probably the most famous, where they grow many cider apples including Dabinett, Stoke Red, Katy and many more.

Where? England, the North of France, Ireland, America and Spain are all relatively well known for making cider, but many other countries make cider.

When? Cider has been made in England for over 1000 years. Ever since apple trees began to be planted in Europe, there has been records of cider production. The Vikings and Romans both mentioned in historical texts that the English loved their cider.

How? On a sunny day in the garden ideally. Some of the Normandy Ciders would be fantastic shared at dinner with a friend. Some of the oak aged ciders would be great on a cold winters night. The Canadian Ice Cider would be great anytime after mid-day, on any day.

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