What? Mead is created by fermenting honey. This can be honey mixed with water, or even raisins, fruits, herbs, spices, buckthorn, hops or grains.

When? Ancient texts give the first written evidence of mead in 1700 BC, and there are traces in pottery from Northern China that date back to 7000 BC. This already places it among some of the first alcoholic drinks in history, but some archaeological theories suggest that it originated with nomadic African tribes, who discovered naturally fermented honey and reproduced it over 30,000 years ago!

Where? Africa, Asia and Europe all have mead in their cultures, from traditional homemade recipes passed through generations of families, to Nordic mythology and brewing for festivals, right to monasteries that made it as a by-product of crafting beeswax candles. These days, meaderies are popping up all over America and the UK as mead is being reinvented and regaining a strong popularity.

How? Traditionally, we would see Mead as more of a winter drink, but as lighter, lower alcohol, flavoured and even fizzy styles are being made, we are finding great ways to combine different meads in cocktails, pair them up with food and even drinking them straight, lightly chilled or over ice, just as you would with a good beer or cider.

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