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German Wine – Is it the Best in the World?

germany_profileWorking in the wine business we are often asked “what country makes the best wine in the world”? Well of course that is a very difficult question to answer, like trying to pick your favourite album or child. There are hot contenders but with so many variables like colour, style, sweetness etc, it is impossible to pick just one country or even region. But, what this Drinkmonger-er can say is that Germany is up there with the very best.

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Anchor Christmas Beer

anchor_christmas_2015_profileIt would be remiss of us to write a blog about Anchor beer and not mention the fact they are one of the oldest pretty much continuously producing breweries in the United States. Although it has changed hands a few times, each new owner has kept the main aim; to continue producing high quality, full flavoured beer. Anchor brewing started as a small brewer producing full flavoured beer, and has moved into being a mid-sized brewer. They were founded in the late 1800’s in San Francisco. In this blog, we are going to look at their Christmas beer, but they are most famous for their Anchor Steam beer, and a few other editions.

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Rum Masterclass: Richard Seale (Doorly’s and More)

Foursquare DistilleryWe were lucky to attend a tasting with Richard Seale (Seale’s, Doorly’s and Rum Sixty Six) where he spoke about rum, how it should be categorised, added sugar and the myths around rum. It is one of the most interesting tastings we have ever attended, as Richard is very knowledgeable when it comes to spirits, and he wants to change the world of rum.

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How we’ve re-organised drink.

1. We admit it. We’re wrong. But we’re less wrong than others.

The vision of Drinkmonger is to offer a balanced and loving presentation of all fine alcohols, yet the space in a top bar of a website is restrictive, and the eyes of computer users are generally tired and weary. We see each type of booze like a member of the family, so how do you organise this space respectfully? When your family is this large how does one show you love all your children equally?
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