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German Wine – Is it the Best in the World?

germany_profileWorking in the wine business we are often asked “what country makes the best wine in the world”? Well of course that is a very difficult question to answer, like trying to pick your favourite album or child. There are hot contenders but with so many variables like colour, style, sweetness etc, it is impossible to pick just one country or even region. But, what this Drinkmonger-er can say is that Germany is up there with the very best.

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Understanding Wine: The Noble Grapes – Part 2

red_grape_profileIn Part 1 of Understanding Wine: The Noble Grapes, we learned that although there are around 1368 different varieties of grapes that are used to make wine today, only a handful qualify as the Noble Grapes; these being the grapes that are used on a world wide scale to make quality wine. We started by looking at the white varieties, their origins and how they influence the taste and quality of the wine.

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