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Drinkmonger’s Best Wine Case March

best_wine_marchEach month we will be releasing a case of wine which we think represents some of the best and most exciting wines in our current range. These will be a mix of reds and whites, and occasionally some Rosé and Fizz if the occasion arises. These wines are handpicked by our knowledgeable staff who, as with all our wines, have tried and tested them to assure that we are only offering the best. In this month’s case we have wines from South Africa, Portugal, France, California, Spain and Hungary.

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Understanding Wine: The Noble Grapes – Part 2

red_grape_profileIn Part 1 of Understanding Wine: The Noble Grapes, we learned that although there are around 1368 different varieties of grapes that are used to make wine today, only a handful qualify as the Noble Grapes; these being the grapes that are used on a world wide scale to make quality wine. We started by looking at the white varieties, their origins and how they influence the taste and quality of the wine.

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Understanding Wine: The Noble Grapes – Part 1

White Wine GrapesAccording to esteemed wine writer Jancis Robinson and her book ‘Wine Grapes’ there are 1368 varieties currently being commercially used to make wine. With so many grape varieties, all adding their unique qualities to the wine they make, where do you start to learn about wine? Luckily for us, six varieties known as The Noble Grapes, have come to dominate the world’s production of quality wine.

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