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Botanist Gin by Bruichladdich 46% 70cl

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Produced by Bruichladdich on the the island of Islay, produced using 22 locally foraged botanicals (plus 9 classic gin botanicals). A floral gin, slow distilled, perfect in a gin and tonic on a summery day.

Location: Scotland, Islay
Botanicals: Juniper, Apple Mint, Chamomile, Creeping Thistle, Downy Birch, Elder, Gorse, Hawthorn, Heather, Lady's Bedstraw, Lemon Balm, Meadowsweet, Mugwort, Red Clover, Spear Mint, Sweet Cicely, Bog Myrtle, Tansy, Thyme, Water Mint, White Clover, Wood Sage
Size: 70cl
ABV: 46%