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Chateau de Beaulon 7 Year Old Folle Blanche Cognac 70cl

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We love this single estate Cognac for the chance it gives you to learn more about Cognac and how it is made. So often the role of the blender masks the building blocks of Cognac: the different grapes used. This is a bottling exclusively of spirit distilled from a wine made of Folle Blanche grapes, which is even more interesting when you consider that before the curse of Phylloxera wiped out vines in 1875, Folle Blanche was the dominant grape in Cognac production. This grape varietal produces an acidic wine, perfect for distillation into a spirit with a full taste.
Location: France, Cognac
Cru: Fin Bois
Grade: XO
Size: 70cl
ABV: 40%