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Edmond Briottet Creme de Abricot 25% 70cl

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This apricot liqueur adds to the incredible range of fruit liqueurs from Maison Briottet, who have specialised in aperitifs and liqueurs since 1839. The apricots used are the specially selected 'Bergeron' variety, harvested from the Rhone valley in August and macerated for at least two months. This is an extaordinary, full-bodied liqueur that's a must-try in many a cocktail
Style: Fruit Liqueur
Location: France, Dijon
Ingredients: Apricots, Sugar
Size: 70cl
ABV: 25%
Serving Suggestions: Create "Paradise" in a glass by mixing 2:1:2 parts of Gin, Apricot liqueur and Orange Juice.