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Jade 1901 Absinthe 68% 70cl

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This is as faithful as possible recreation of the pre-ban Absinthe so enjoyed in Parisien cafes. No-one should dare question Jade Liqueurs commitment to detail in their quest to re-create the flavours of past Absinthe lost in the fires of history. From insisting on the right base spirit (even specifying grape type), to distillation in original hand-crafted absinthe stills, and with absolutely no artificial flavourings or colours. We simply do not have space to describe the care which Ted Breaux takes when making his spirits, but note that the spirit is rested for three years before bottling. 70cl
Location: France, Saumur
Style: Verte
Ingredients: French Grape Eau-de-vie and Whole Botanicals
Distillation: Copper Pot Still
ABV: 68%

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