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Jade Nouvelle Orleans Absinthe 68% 20cl

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Although Paris is the location you immediately think of when imagining these artistic types drinking in the green fairy, there was a cafe culture which enjoyed absinthe in the early 20th century New Orleans. Indeed, when Henri Degas and Oscar Wilde travelled there they would not have struggled to find their favourite drink. This is native New Orlean T A Breaux's attempt to create a style tasted in an original bottle of the period, and it is quite distinct from its European cousins. Perhaps not a beginners absinthe, it has a commendable subtlety to its mouthfeel and flavour (we find newcomers are often looking for uncompromising qualities in their absinthes). Rested for an average of three years before bottling.
Location: France, Saumur
Style: Verte
Ingredients: French grape eau-de-vie and whole botanicals
Distillation: Copper Pot Still
Size: 20cl
ABV: 68%