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La Venenosa Costa 70cl

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With similarities to Mezcal, Raicilla is Mexico's "other, other" spirit. Traditionally made as a moonshine, outside of governmental approval, La Venenosa is the first of its kind to be legally created and exported for your drinking pleasure. It is crafted in small batches on the southernmost, coastal towns of Jalisco, using wood-fired adobe ovens to bake the Pinas of Rhodecantha and Angustifolia agave plants, then the spirit is double distilled using a Phillipino still made from copper and a hollowed out tree trunk. The result is a mezcal-style spirit, with prominant herbal and mineral notes, while the smoke (usually dominant in mezcal) lingers in the background while sweet fruity flavours develop. It is said to be on another level of pure agave flavour.
Location: Mexico, Jalisco
Ingredients: 100% Rhodecantha And Angustifolia Agave
Style: Raicilla
Size: 70cl
ABV: 45.5%