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Lairds Applejack 40% 70cl

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Laird's can trace their history back to William Laird, who emigrated from Scotland to the US in 1698. It is believed that his descendents in the 1780's started producing applejack commercially (whereas he had most likely produced it on a smaller scale). The Laird family have claim to distillers license number 1 in the US, and to having worked with George Washington producing applejack. Definitely intertwined in US history. Applejack is a mixture of apple brandy and neutral grain spirit, and is a particularly warming, pleasant autumn/winter drink.
Location: America, New Jersey
Ingredients: Apples, Neutral Grain Spirit
Cask Type: American Oak Casks
Distillation: Column Distilled
Size: 70cl
ABV: 40%