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Pasote Blanco Tequila 75cl

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Among a booming trade in agave spirits, Pasote really stands out for its rarely seen traditional production methods and the impacts on the spirit's flavour. With renowned master distiller Felipe Carmarena at the helm, the Horna-oven cooking, Tahona crushing and copper pot still distillation are all done at his El Pandillo distillery, where Felipe makes and customised his own equipment. The very even roasting of the Pina, thanks to the specially created Horna, generate the right sugars for fermentation to produce a natural fruity sweetness in the tequila. The unique method of using 40% rainwater reduces the mineral content added by spring water and alters the pH of the water, which is said to give the Pasote tequila the same fresh, yet earthy scent that comes with the first rains after a long dry spell. All this comes together in a sweet and smooth blanco tequila that holds the agave character while mineral, citrus, vegetal and liquorice notes take turns through the palate.
Location: Mexico, Los Altos
Ingredients: 100% Blue Agave
Style: Blanco
Size: 75cl
ABV: 40%

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