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Pussers Grog Cocktail Mix

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Don your tricorns and set sail with this cocktail mixer which recreates the classic sea-faring drink 'Grog' - just add rum! After Admiral Edward Vernon realised his allocation of rum tots to the British sailors was leading to "the swinish vice of drunkenness", he ordered that the spirit be watered, with a little lime and sugar as well, to combat the problem of useless and disorderly crew-mates. This cocktail took Vernon's own nickname, given to him for the grogram fabric cloak he wore. This mix is Pussers' own version of the ingredients, balanced specifically to partner Pussers Rum - though it will work with whatever rum floats your boat.
Location: USA, South Carolina
Ingredients: Lime Juice, Dark Cane Sugar, Water.
Size: 100cl
ABV: 0%