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Santeria Rum 70cl

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Santeria is a dark, aged rum from the Rational Spirits company, founded by avid spirits collector Alexander Burns and collaborating with Bryan Davis, formerly head distiller of the Lost Spirits Distillery. The spirit is matured in new charred American oak, and boasts a marriage of 21st century technology and ancient Jamaican techniques, in that it is the first rum to have been "Dunder" fermented with lab-created Dunder. This is a process similar to sour-mash, adding the remaining contents of the still, after a batch distillation, to the next fermentation to create complex flavours from elements like the leftover yeast cells. Using a lab-created Dunder, they are able to keep close control of the different elements in the Dunder, maximising the flavours they want, and reducing mutation between batches.
Distillery Location: Jamaica
Sugar Type: Grade A Molasses
Distillation: Pot Distilled
Size: 70cl
ABV: 46%

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