What? Typically, Corn refers to American Whiskey, distilled from a beer made of 80% Corn (all whisky/whiskey starts off as an unhopped beer), with the other 20% being wheat, rye or barley. Corn is the most available grain in the United States, so if you are an American Farmer, it makes sense to use your Corn for something fun like making whiskey. Corn Whiskey doesn't have to be aged, but if it is, they can age it in used barrels or uncharred barrels. If it's aged for 2 years, it's known as Straight Corn.

Where? The majority of American Corn Whiskey is made in Kentucky, although Texas, and other US States can make Corn Whiskey. In Canada, many of the whiskies are made of predominantly Corn, but they don't have to state it as a Corn Whiskey.

When? Corn Whiskey is as old as the United States itself. Many of the European settlers were Scottish, Irish, English, Welsh and Dutch, and were experienced in making distilled spirits. brewing and Distilling was a big part of the early US life & economy; for example, one of the biggest early distillers of American Whiskey was George Washington (you may recognise his name, quite a famous chap).

How? Corn Whiskey tends to be quite light, so it can be tasted and enjoyed in many ways. Neat, with ice or water, or in a cocktail. Particularly a cocktail with honey, or gomme sugar syrup to work with the sweetness of the whisky. Great in a BBQ sauce or baking too.

Where To Start? Start with whether the whiskey is aged or unaged. Unaged Corn Whiskey is the closest you will get to American Moonshine, and although it can be drank straight, it is probably better in a cocktail. Aged Corn Whiskey can be drank straight.

  • A creamy, mellow, sweet 2 year old Corn Whiskey - Mellow Corn
  • A smokey, BBQ sauce of a whiskey. A dram that would stand out in any category - Balcones Brimstone
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