Irish Pot Still

What? Irish Pot Still is a classic Irish style, very similar to Scottish Single Malt in production (all barley, Pot Still Distillation) but whereas in Scotland, they will use all malted barley, Irish Pot Still whiskey uses a percentage of unmalted barley. This will affect the fermentation, which affects the flavour in the final product. You tend to find Irish Pot Still Whiskey is fruity, with quite an oily mouthfeel, and the oiliness seems to come from this unmalted barley.

Where? The majority of Irish Pot Still whiskey is made by the fine folks at Irish Distillers in Midleton, County Cork, at the Jameson Distillery, although Cooley distillers have made a small amount of Irish Pot Still whiskey too.

When? Irish Whiskey dates back over 400 years, and Irish Pot Still whiskey seems to date back to the late 1600's, when the United Kingdom was trying to tax Irish Whiskey makers for their malted barley, hence adding unmalted barley was a way to get around this annoyance. Like many things in alcohol, what was created by tax, stayed as a style.

How? Irish Pot Still Whiskey can be drank neat, with ice, in a hot toddy, in a cocktail or even in a hot chocolate. Irish Pot Still Whiskey has a lovely fruitiness which makes it very flexible.

Where To Start? Start with which type of cask the whiskey is aged in ex Bourbon and ex Sherry casks are the most common, although ex Madeira casks and ex Port casks have been used.

  • A rich, fruity, and oily dram, showing off its mainly ex Sherry cask maturation - Redbreast 12
  • Fresher, fruitier with green apples and a dash of barley showing off its mainly ex Bourbon cask ageing - Green Spot
  • More spicy, honeyed, with hints of red apples, chocolate and creme brulee, showing off Irish Whiskey aged in ex Bourbon, ex Sherry and ex Malaga Wine casks - Yellow Spot
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