Balblair Distillery

Balblair from the front

Distillery Character: Grapefruit, lemon, orange, mixed with a maltiness and a full body.
It tastes like this because: Some of the fruitiest fermentations we have ever smelt/tasted. A distillation process that allows for some of the oily spirit to make it through to the final product. Nice, fresh flavoursome oak casks (predominantly ex Bourbon). The distillery manager's talent of picking the best casks from each vintage.

Founded: 1790 (one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland) although there are records of distilleries on this site going back another 50 years.
Major distillery events: Moved Distillery in the 1870’s to be close to the newly built railway. Shut from 1915 to 1947 (due to a World Wars & US Prohibition). Briefly closed in the mid 1990’s, before being bought by Inverhouse (who also own anCnoc, Old Pulteney, Speyburn and Benromach).
Useful distillery information: Balblair bottle specific vintages. So when they write 1990 on a bottle, all the casks used in that bottle are from 1990, and the bottled on date will give you an idea of age (Bottled 2014 for example, would make it 23 or 24 years old).

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