Old Pulteney Distillery

Old Pulteney casks in the warehouse

Distillery Character: Briney with hints of citrus when it is younger, with fuller honey, fruit soaked with syrup notes when it gets older.
It tastes like this because: Excellent cask selection & pot stills that produce oily, yet fruity spirit.

Founded: Founded in 1826. Originally only really accessible by sea.
Major distillery events: Prohibition in Wick in 1922 (a less famous prohibition than the US) caused local demand to dry up, eventually causing the distillery to close in 1930, and reopen in 1951, a few years after prohibition was lifted.
Useful distillery information: One of the furthest north distilleries on the mainland. When it was constructed, Wick was a major fishing port, with the herring industry really starting to boom, so it made sense to build a distillery to satisfy the local thirsty fisherman.

We really like the whole range, but particularly the 17 year old, as it has enough age for fruitiness to come through, but still shows off enough of the distillery character. They use dried yeast, due to their location (dried yeast won’t go off over a cold winter when there are no supplies of new yeast), which contributes to a more malty, less fruity new spirit.

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