What? The fermented juice of various types of grape, or less commonly, other fruits.

Where? Grapes need a moderately warm climate, so growth is focused in Southern Europe, the Americas, Australasia, and parts of the Middle East.

When? The first physical evidence dates to 6000BC in Georgia, continues soon after in the Middle East and is spread throughout the Mediterranean by the Phoenicians.

How? Temperature of serve is the only factor to consider, and you already know those rules for table wine. Fortified wines generally have their own rules.

Tip For Beginners: The Old World wines of France, Germany and Italy categorize themselves differently to the New World who usually tell you the grapes used in the wine. As grapes are the building blocks of flavour, we think its easier to learn about types of grape you like the taste of rather than the names of endless appellations, communes, or chateaux.

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